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Numex - Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store was launched in 2004 as an eBay store. Today, Numex - Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store is a part of the Numex LLC, a numismatic company from Kastav, Croatia, European Union.
During the years, we established our company as an online dealer of coins, banknotes, orders, medals and militaria items; also dealing in lapel pins and sports collectibles. We have been recognized by our clients as a reliable partner in building their collections, most of them staying with us for almost 20 years of our being present on the market.
120000+ Items sold in total
77000+ Items sold on eBay
46152 Positive eBay feedbacks
9257 eBay sales
3729 Facebook followers
3267 Instagram followers
18 Years present in the business

Our Core Values

  • Trust. Trust is the very foundation of our business: we present things to the client as they are, accurately and transparently. As a consequence, our clients trust us to work in their best interest, developing favorable bonds and networks.
  • Ethics. Ethical business is what builds our network of trust and assures healthy, long-term bonds with our clients. The knowledge we hone stands on a strong ethical base thus distinguishing our brand in the business.
  • Honesty. Honest work is not only the best business policy; it is a core practice to act in a transparent, trustworthy manner that earns the respect of colleagues, customers, and the public.
  • Fair Trade. Any agreement must be beneficial for all parties involved, so the principle of fair trade enables us to build a stable, more personally engaged market, as well as to stand accountable for our work and our name.
  • Accountability. Accepting responsibility for one’s actions (and inactions) is the ultimate way to build trust internally and externally. We behave responsibly towards our clients. We respect agreements. If we make a mistake, we stand accountable for it and strive to fix what has gone wrong.
  • Passion. We are not just a trading company; we also deal with numismatics and phaleristics. Therefore, we know what our customers want and what they don't want. Having such enthusiasm for the work itself as for the people we connect to – is what we hold dearly in our everyday communication.
  • Quality. Given that companies are judged by the craftsmanship of their products and services, the highest standards must be maintained. Our promise to customers is that we will endeavor to create a great customer experience, one which begins with staying true to the words we speak and the bonds we make.


About the Founder

The Founder of Numex - Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store, Zlatko Viscevic, has taken his childhood love for collecting coins and banknotes and developed it into a professional career in numismatics. Today, he is a professional numismatist as well as an author of several numismatic books, being present in numismatics for over 30 years and in phaleristics for over 10 years.
After graduating from law school, Zlatko began working in the oil and gas industry as a legal advisor, but he soon decided to follow his dream and turned towards making a name for himself in the business of numismatics. At first a part time dealer, in 2008 he became a full-time dealer and, immersed in his preferred field of work, began growing our company.

Together with his team, over the past 20 years, Zlatko has been helping a number of collectors build their collections and expand their numismatic knowledge. The driving force behind the company he represents is to bring joy and satisfaction with every new package received from Numex - Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store, as well as to establish a trust bond between our company, professional instances and private collectors. Aside from maintaining a healthy company on the market, Zlatko has written several books on numismatics, and has developed several online platforms for collectors and numismatics enthusiasts.

A list of numismatic books authored by Zlatko Viscevic:
  • Coins of the Republic of Croatia from Independence to the Present Day (2004);
  • The Guide to Coins and Banknotes of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia (2007);
  • Coins and Banknotes of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia (2011);
  • Coins and Banknotes of Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia – issues 2011-2015 (2014);
  • Coins of the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) (2018). 
Zlatko’s aim has always been to share his knowledge with the community as much as possible, so he launched a numismatic blog “Hrvatska numizmatika” (Croatian Numismatics) and a separate portal “NumizmatikaNET”. He is also an active YouTuber running channels such as “NumizmatikaNET” and “NumisTube”.

Besides publishing and online projects, Zlatko designed 3 medallic tokens:
  • Pope Benedict XVI;
  • Petar Krešimir IV missile boat;
  • Violinist Franjo Krežma.

He is often present in the media (Internet portals, TV, radio and newspapers) on the subject of numismatics.
He is a proud member of several numismatic associations:
American Numismatic Association, #BR-3159085
International Bank Note Society, #10489, 
Society of Paper Money Collectors, #PM014049



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Numex LLC
Numex - Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store is part of Numex LLC.

Company name: Numex LLC (Numex j.d.o.o.)
Registered address: Rubeši 36A, 51215 Kastav, Croatia, European Union
The company is registered at the Commercial Court in Rijeka under registration number (MBS) 040427732.
Person authorized to represent the company: Zlatko Viscevic, company director.
Share capital of the company of 10,00 kn has been paid in full.
OIB: 54713203319 - VAT ID: HR54713203319
IBAN: HR6123400091111137138 - BIC/SWIFT: PBZGHR2X

Phone: +385 97 619 4858
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