We moved to Numex.hr

We've Rebranded! After years as Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store, we're excited to announce our new name: Numex. Visit us at our easy-to-remember domain, Numex.hr, and continue enjoying the same trusted service and team under our new brand!

  • Free Shipping

    We offer free registered worldwide mail shipping on orders over 100 EUR. Tracking number and package insurance included.


  • Returns Accepted

    If you are not satisfied with the order, you can return it within 30 days beginning with the day of your purchase. No explanation needed.


  • Lifetime Guarantee

    We offer lifetime guarantee on all coins, banknotes, orders, medals, pins and other items which are sold here as originals.


  • Secure Payment

    Your payments and personal data are secured when buying from our web store. No personal data is shared with third persons.


  • Our eBay Store

    Present on eBay since 2004, we hold weekly auctions starting with $0.49. Visit our eBay store and check out our weekly offer.

  • eBay Feedback

    During the years, we have sold over 77.000 coins, banknotes and other collectibles via eBay. Our services have been rated over 9250 times.

  • How to Make an Order?

    We prepared a short video instructions for you so you can see how to sucessfuly place an order on this web store.

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  • How to Navigate and Search?

    We also prepared a short video where you can see how to navigate on this page and search for items in stock.

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About us

Numex - Coins, Banknotes & Militaria Store was launched in 2004 as an eBay store, and has remained in the business successfully to this day.

With sales exceeding 77.000 coins, banknotes, orders, medals, pins and militaria collectibles to thousands of satisfied customers on eBay only, the store has been a relevant place of purchase for over 18 years. Together with the direct orders, we estimate having sold over 120.000 collectibles worldwide.

Our purpose is to hold knowledgeable and ethical ground in our line of work so we take great pride in what we do and stand for.

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